“A Division of Uniform”
by Matthew Brubaker

A Division of Uniform seeks to create agency and imbue empowerment through the clear collectivization of individuals.

In this project the uniform becomes a way of projecting identity, assuming authority, identifying allies, and enacting progress towards a shared cause. By co-opting the means of the “institution”, this project accepts the uniform as a construct and delivers its powers and privledges to those who need the legitimacy it brings.

The Newsstand – A Power Tools Shed
by Cam Fullmer

The community newsstand aims to provide a platform to amplify the voice of a community.  It's goal is to educate external communities, organize within its own, and harbor the voices and works of its neighbors.

Amateur Community Publishing
by Henri

Amateur Community Publishing helps people tell their stories, memorialize their experience and gather at events that help share the reality, and fantasy, of a whole swath of authors boxed out of traditional publishing or editorial models. The aesthetics of road cases, spiral binding and printer paper coalesce around a team of volunteers that work together to amplify, edit, publish, and distribute works from underserved communities.

Visual Studies Seminar, GSAPP @ Columbia University Spring 2021 – taught by Lexi Tsien & Jelisa Blumberg – work by Erin Biediger, Matthew Brubaker, Ying Cheng, Mark-Henry Decrausaz, Cameron Fullmer, Gene Han, Jean Kim, Maxim Kolbowski-Frampton, Jacob Li, Urechi Oguguo, Keneilwe Ramaphosa, Jordan Readyhough, Emily Ruopp, Hannah Stollery & Sarah Zamler.