The Wetroom
by Kiki Ramaphosa

Land is a power tool but for land to be empowering, we need a means of extracting value from it. The WetRoom aims to alleviate the issues of houselessness and access to clean water faced by squatter communities by combining shelter and water harvester. These communities might transform vacant, unused land into sustenance farms and be independent in land, shelter and food.

Visual Studies Seminar, GSAPP @ Columbia University Spring 2021 – taught by Lexi Tsien & Jelisa Blumberg – work by Erin Biediger, Matthew Brubaker, Ying Cheng, Mark-Henry Decrausaz, Cameron Fullmer, Gene Han, Jean Kim, Maxim Kolbowski-Frampton, Jacob Li, Urechi Oguguo, Keneilwe Ramaphosa, Jordan Readyhough, Emily Ruopp, Hannah Stollery & Sarah Zamler.