Making and thinking about architectures of activism by taking a position and filling a void.

Architectural education and discourse are inextricable from the sociopolitical. Institutional critique is taking new forms and necessitating new paradigms. This course aims to leverage collective and DIY knowledge building as a representational technique and a tool of power. Architects and contributors to the built environment must challenge hierarchical structures, the canonization of the discipline, and the efficacy of architectural institutions. Emergent networks allow participants to evaluate and retool their own education and environment.

GSAPP @ Columbia University 2021, Visual Studies Seminar taught by Lexi Tsien & Jelisa Blumberg


Visual Studies Seminar, GSAPP @ Columbia University Spring 2021 – taught by Lexi Tsien & Jelisa Blumberg – work by Erin Biediger, Matthew Brubaker, Ying Cheng, Mark-Henry Decrausaz, Cameron Fullmer, Gene Han, Jean Kim, Maxim Kolbowski-Frampton, Jacob Li, Urechi Oguguo, Keneilwe Ramaphosa, Jordan Readyhough, Emily Ruopp, Hannah Stollery & Sarah Zamler.