Columbia Underground
by Jean Kim

This tool reclaims space inside of an institution that has used its architecture and administrative structure to define and protect the boundary that separates the university from the outsider.

Secret Sleeves
by Ying Cheng

The system is inspired by popular guest-book culture in indie coffee shop's circle in Beijing. Messages in guest-book range from debating social affairs and academic issues to sharing art and life trivia. The guest-book is the epitome of the world of Chinese martial arts, 'rivers-and-lakes. The project intends to bring messages in guest-book into a wider influence and create a new 'River-and-lakes'. The movement relies on two parts, a secret message in the cup sleeve and a message machine. The system is micro and informal postal system to connect indie coffee shops' communities where diverse subcultures and voices grow in.

Visual Studies Seminar, GSAPP @ Columbia University Spring 2021 – taught by Lexi Tsien & Jelisa Blumberg – work by Erin Biediger, Matthew Brubaker, Ying Cheng, Mark-Henry Decrausaz, Cameron Fullmer, Gene Han, Jean Kim, Maxim Kolbowski-Frampton, Jacob Li, Urechi Oguguo, Keneilwe Ramaphosa, Jordan Readyhough, Emily Ruopp, Hannah Stollery & Sarah Zamler.